Name some garments which can be knitted on hand flat knitting machines

Question: What are the various types of garments which can be knitted on hand flat knitting machines?

Hand flat knitting machines are widely used for sweater manufacturing. Even in the mass sweater production in the industrial zone, hand-operated flat knitting machines are used.

2D garment patterns are made using these machines. A knitting machine operator knits all the sweater components (garment parts) separately as the pattern design. Later, patterns are joined together manually to make the complete garment. This process is called as linking process.

Other than sweaters, knitted clothes made from a flat knitting machine are used for making other kinds of garment items. This is because of the bulky and soft feel nature of the hand-made flat knitted fabrics. Hand-made flat knitted fabrics also give a crafty look. 

These garments are not directly knitted from yarn but knitted fabrics are used to make them (cut and sew process included). 

  1. Handmade sweaters - Sweaters are the common items (garments) made from flat knitted machines. 
  2. Knitted Frocks – Kid's frocks sweaters can be made by using hand flat knitting machines.
  3. T-shirts - Finer yarns and higher gauge of flat knitting machine is used for knitting t-shirt clothes. These t-shirts are warmer and more open in structures.
  4. Scarf – soft and bulky scarf are made of flat knitted clothes.
  5. Gown – Some high-end gown designs are made from hand-made flat knitted fabrics.

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