Count Conversion Table for Textile Yarns

If you are working in a textile mill or dealing with textile fibers, yarns, and threads, you need to convert from one unit to another. To do the conversion of yarn count you can use a chart or formula. the reason for conversion required - there are the different systems used for measuring yarn fineness. Direct system and indirect system.

Secondly, a different unit is used for different types of fiber. Like for filament yarns, Denier is used but for cotton yarns, it is cotton count.

According to the yarn count definition given in British Standards, you can convert yarn count from one unit to another by using following formula.

Table: Count Conversion Table for Textile Yarns

From – To
Cotton to Denier
5315 / Cotton Count

Denier to Cotton
5315 / Denier

Cotton to Metric

Cotton Count  X 1.69
Metric to Cotton
Metric Count  / 1.69

Denier to Metric
9000 / Denier

Metric to Denier
9000 / Metric Count

Cotton to Tex
590.5 / Cotton Count

Tex to Cotton
590.5 / Tex Count

Tex to Metric
1000 / Tex Count

Metric to Tex
1000 / Metric Count

Tex to Denier
Tex Count x 9

Denier to Tex
Denier / 9

Denier to Decitex
Denier / 0.9

Metric to Decitex
10,000 / Metric Count

Cotton to Decitex
5905 / Cotton Count

To use online calculator for yarn count visit following page

Difference between Tex and Tkt. in Thread Numbering

Source: Tantu Souvenir 2009
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