Definitions of Yarn Measuring Systems (Yarn count)

In the apparel and textile industry, yarns are basic raw materials. Yarn thickness is measured using various systems. We use different units for yarn count - like Cotton Count, Tex or Denier. But when it comes to explain what exactly cotton count means or how Tex of  a yarn is calculated, it is little tricky to explain to others.

To make your life easy, when you need definition or explanation of yarn measuring system, I am sharing definition of yarn count measuring system in the following table.

According to the definitions given by British Standards, yarn count definitions have been provided in the following table for your quick reference.

Yarn Count
Metric Count (Nm)

Number of meters of yarn per gram
Tex (tex)
Weight in gram of 1000 meters

Denier (den)
Weight in gram of 9000 meters

English Cotton Count (Ne)
Number of 840 yards in one lb

Worsted Count (NeW)
Number of 560 yards in One lb

English Jute Count (NeJ)

Weight in lbs of 14,400 yards

English Linen Count (NeL)

Number of 300 yards in one lb

lb = pound (s)

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Source: Tantu Souvenir 2009
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