Production Planning Software for Garment Manufacturing - An overview

With the time and technology advancement garment manufacturers are becoming dependent on customized ERPs and other IT based management tools. Production planning and control tools for the factory level management are very essential to manage production to deliver shipment on time. Though there is number of IT solution providers especially for the garment manufacturing, I found few names that provide production planning solution with detailed scheduling.

1. Evolve by Fast React:
In 2005 I have first heard about this planning software in college. That time this system was known as ‘Fast React’. Recently this product is named as Evolve. Evolve is a dynamic solution that provides clear priorities, reflects current performance and provides an early warning alert of any urgent actions required. Key features of Evolve mentioned by Fast React in the site are includes-
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  • Multi-level planning at both factory and detailed line/machine level 
  • Efficiency profiles & start-up allowances at product changeover 
  • Management of supporting processes, specialist machines and work in progress 
  • Better scheduling and communication with subcontractors 
  • The plan is dynamic, so it reflects current situation including any slippage 
  • Materials and critical path priorities actively ‘driven’ to support the latest plan 
  • Flexible, management level reporting 

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    2. Plan-IT by Gemserp
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    Plan-iT another Planning software has been developed Gemserp. Plan –iT is especially made for the Garment production planning. It helps merchants and production people to take decision much before in hand by using visual display of the plan on a planning board. Thus it reduces last minute fire fighting with order processing. It brings absolute transparency inside the organization and assigns individual responsibility to the respective personnel.

    User can check the critical path of an order to ensure that all development and pre production activities are included on schedule with the plan with a shortest possible time. Helps top management to make Prompt Decision instead of searching & waiting for details. System has option for Backward Planning when it needed.

    3. Production Planning and Control module by APPS 
    Key features of APPS Production Planning and Control module includes - Production Line Planning, Vendor Production Monitoring, Raw Material Consumption, Critical Path Monitoring, Quality Control Reports, Special Cutting and Lot management Screens and Summary Reports.

    4. MAE by Parellax
    User uses MAE to plan at the factory and line levels. The number of available workers limits the production capacity of a factory. MAE calculates how much of the order will fit onto the production line at one time. The objective is to load plan so the production line is never idle. 
    MAE also has semi-automated line planning capabilities. It can automatically switch an order to another line if there are work stoppages or delays.
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    MAE displays line plans graphically in Excel format so you can easily zoom in for detail and zoom out for a high level overview of the line plan. 
    Parellax 'Quick Response' is a production planning tool that assist work planning in all levels such as factory level, line level and worker level. 

    5. Stage Production Planning Management
    The key features of this Planning software includes -
    • The planning person can plan Merchandisers’ orders, cut & paste orders in part or full from one line to another by easy drag and drop method. 
    • No data entry required on the planning board. All data are extracted from STAGE ERP dynamically and results are displayed automatically on the planning board.
    • Automatic Mail Shooting, integration with T & A and Expected Completion Report are additional features of STAGE PPM. 

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    6. Pro-Plan by Methods Apparel
    Pro Plan helps to establish capacity for each production section, remove holidays, add overtime, use your current efficiencies and absentee levels and your capacity is instantly available. Capacity is established for 300 days in advance, it maintains these days by adding a new day at the end day. 

    In Pro-plan User can reserve capacity for special customers, Change the capacity of sections as it suits your sales. Pro-plan has integrated Pre-Production Planning option. 

    The system will tell you by which date all the necessary pre-production functions must be complete if the style is to start feeding onto the line on the planned date. Those pre-production functions that are late show on the screen in red. The individual company according to their needs and experience sets lead times.

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