Possible reasons of thread breakage in sewing machines?

Question: Write two reasons for thread breakage in sewing machines?

The reader asked to mention two reasons for thread breakage in a sewing machine while making a garment. Instead of two, I have shared 5 possible reasons for thread breakage in a sewing machine. 

When you are talking about thread breakage in a sewing machine, thread breakage may happen for needle thread (upper thread) or the bobbin thread (looper thread). Frequent thread breakage causes delays in sewing garments. 

For further reading, I have shared links for two articles that cover many reasons for sewing thread breakage. 

1. Inaccurate thread tension

A high thread tension of needle thread can cause thread breakage. When the needle thread is set at higher tension, the thread is stretched and causes a great tension on the thread which causes needle thread breakage.

2. Damaged needle 

In case the needle hole is not smooth and has sharp edges, during moving the thread inside the needle hole, the needle will cut the fibre/filament of the threads. Once a few fibre or filament breaks, the thread becomes weaker, and running the machine with a damaged needle causes thread breaks. A bent and damaged needle may be another reason for thread breakage.

Other possible reasons may be

3. Incorrect threading of needle thread 

The needle thread passed through the thread spool stand, tension spring, thread take-up lever, needle bar, and finally to needle hole. If the threading is done following a wrong path, thread breakage may occur. 

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4. Uneven thread diameter and poor thread quality 

Thread quality plays an important role in sewing without any thread breakage. An uneven thread may be another reason for needle thread breakage. When you use uneven threads or threads having slubs (thicker place) or knots will break when the ticker portion of the thread cannot pass through the needle hole. Sewing threads are processed to make their surface smooth and make it stronger. If the sewing thread has a rough surface, it may cause thread breakage.

5. Sewing thicker and tightly woven fabric

In a seam when the needle passes through a thicker place or tightly woven fabric part, the needle penetrate the fabric, but the thread does not get space to pass through the fabric. This may cause thread breakage.

There are many other reasons that can cause thread breakage in a sewing machine while you are stitching a piece of garment or any other textile item.

Do you want to know more reasons for thread breakage? Read the following article.

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