Which sewing machine is best for boutique work?

For any kind of boutique work, you need at least 2 sewing machines. The first one you need is a single needle lock stitch machine. This machine will be used for joining garment components and sewing apparel items in boutique work. For a single needle machine, you can buy industrial sewing machines or a treadle sewing machine. An industrial single needle sewing machine would be costlier compared to a treadle sewing machine.

If you are looking for the best sewing machine brand in single needle lock category – For this, first you need to decide whether you will buy a treadle sewing machine or an industrial sewing machine. In the treadle sewing machine category – there are popular brands like Singer, Usha, Janome, Brother, etc.

In the industrial sewing machine category, there are many popular brands 

treadle sewing machine

The second sewing machine you need for your boutique work is an overlock machine (overedge sewing machine). This machine is used for the clean finishing of edges. An overlock machine is also called an interlock sewing machine. When you join side seam or shoulder with single needle machines, normally there will be raw edges and yarns will be coming out. When the wearer sees the inside of the garment, they will find fraying out yarns from every stitch seam. So, to make quality garments consider using an overlock machine. 

Though you can make a clean stitch using a single needle machine by folding the edges first before sewing (by using a french seam or lapped seam). This would take additional time for making the same garment piece.

In case you want to buy only one machine for your boutique shop then it would be the lock stitch machine (single needle lock stitch).

For more information, depending on the garments you make in your boutique you may need other sewing machines as well. Like button attaching, buttonholing, eyelet making, zig-zag sewing machine, etc. Check the full list of sewing machines available for making different garments.
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