What You Will Get in My New Book?

You might be seeing the banner of my latest book "Industrial Engineer's Digest: Learn, Practice and Improve Factory Performance". 

You might be curious, what is there inside this book? Why one should read this book?

Whoever is ready to learn industrial engineering in apparel manufacturing, and wants to become a better engineer, will get all the necessary resources and guides. Get a window to explore the garment manufacturing industry. 

Almost every topic you can think of you need in doing your work in a garment manufacturing factory (industrial engineering and production department) whether it is a small set-up or a large factory making thousands of garments, is available in this book.
  • A couple of cases and stories
  • How-to guides
  • Answers to question asked by OCS readers
  • Topics on data capturing, calculations, and MIS reports
The best thing I would say - it is a printed book. You can hold the book in your hand, you can keep a copy of this book in your office library for your teams' reference and for your own reference. Colleges and institutes can keep this book in their libraries (resource centers) for students. 

Check it out here. 

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