What is Block Cutting in Garment Industry?

What is Block Cutting?

When the layer cutting is done just to separate the garment parts from the main layer, it is called a block cutting method, instead of cutting the fabric layer following the pattern outlines.

In block cutting, a block is cut and separated from the marker (lay), and later using a separate machine cutting is done as per the pattern outline.

In the following image, you can see a cutting machine operator is cutting a block of fabric layers using a band knife cutting machine. 

block cutting in garment industry
Figure: A cut block waiting for recutting using a band knife machine

Block cutting is normally needed in manual cutting, and when precise cutting is not possible using a straight knife cutting machine. Or when there are many small components and patterns in a marker and there is very little space between pattern lines which is difficult to cut accurately, cutters prefer to take the garment part first as a block and then recut it using a separate machine.

Where an automatic cutting machine is used, block cutting is not required. As you can get accurate cutting using the automatic cutting machine.

Reasons for using block cutting in the garment industry

Other than the reason shown in the above following are the few reasons garment factories prefer block cutting.

#1. When printing is done on the garment panels and the print design demands in such a way that needs to match with the garment patterns, or if there is allover print design, then factories prefer printing on the block and later after the printing process recutting is done as per actual pattern. Block cutting also helps in handing fabric plies for printing and embroidery process.

We used to block cutting for many styles for printing and embroidery work.

#2. Sometimes block cutting helps to utilize the cutting machine and speed up the cutting room production. As you know cutting a block can be done quickly compared to cutting the garment parts as per patterns. In the cutting table, few blocks are separated from the main layer and given to a band cutting machine operator.

In shirt manufacturing, small parts like tabs, and collars are cut in blocks.

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