What is the Difference Between Fix Cutting and Block Cutting in Garment Manufacturing?

In garment manufacturing cutting is one of the very critical processes. If you don't plan cutting method carefully, it might result unnecessary wastage of fabrics. One such factor is whether one needs to cut garment parts in block or as per fix pattern (shape).

Fix Cutting: 

Cutting of fabric panels as per final pattern of garment parts. Just seam allowances are added in this case. Bigger parts are normally cut in fixed shape if there is no need of allowance for subsequent processes. 
Cut layers

Block Cutting: 

When garment components are cut roughly around a part are called block cutting. Following are main reason for cutting in block.

- Block is subsequently cut very precisely, by various means. Like for small garment components, blocks are cut using straight knife machine and later precisely shaped using band knife machine.

- Block cutting might be done for splitting the lay, to assist handling to the band knife.

- Another reason for block cutting is allowing handling of garment components in the subsequent process like print on panels and embroidery work. Though block cutting is not required for all printing or embroidery process. It depends on print placement on garment and print method to be used. Similarly bock cutting is might be required for garment embroidery.

In block cutting there is one extra process. If you do block cutting, you have to re-cut that blocks to give the shape of the garment component.

Do you practice block cutting of garment parts? When do you use block cutting in your company?

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