How Much Fabric Needed for Making Face Masks (3-Ply Mask)?

It is important to know material consumption for making masks for costing and sourcing of nonwoven fabrics. Here, I have covered the length and weight of nonwoven fabrics needed for making surgical facemask.  Normally, 1 gram of melt-blown and spun-bond fabric required per layer for 25 gsm fabrics (This is an approximate data). For a 3 layer mask, you need 3 grams of fabrics. 

Fabric requirement for making face masks

To get accurate consumption of melt-blown and spun-bond fabrics for a single mask, you need to measure it using mask sample, mask size, and fabric GSM

3-ply surgical face masks normally come in two sizes - Kids size and Standard/Adult sizes. The ready face mask sizes are 
- Standard size: 175 mm x 95 mm and 
- Kids size: 145 mm X 95 mm

Calculate Fabric Consumption in mm

You know the mask is made of 3 layers, two spun-bond outer layers, and one melt-blown in the middle. Therefore, measure the mask area for all three plies separately.

Fabric needed in 3 ply surgical face mask
Image-1: 3 Ply face mask sample

The ready mask is made with 3 pleats and pleats width is 13-14 mm (in my sample).  It may vary slightly as per machine set-up. To find the tape with, I removed all three pleats and got the fabric area for a mask as follows. You see all 3 layers are pleated for making the face mask.

Face mask fabric
Image-2: Face mask after opening pleats

We got these measurements from the sample face masks. 

  1. Tape/roll width: 172 mm (+3 mm for inside layer of the mask, extra width is kept for the inner layer for covering the edges and clean finish on the top and bottom edges of the mask. You can see it in the first image). 
  2. Length per mask: 175 mm
  3. Pleats width: 13-14 mm 

Fabric consumption in lengthwise 175 mm per layer. Fabric layers are feed using 3 separate rolls. Width of non-woven fabrics roll between 172 - 175 mm

Fabric consumption per mask in grams

Normally mask fabrics are traded in kgs. If you need fabric consumption for masks in Kg you can convert it convert the area into Kgs per masks. For this conversion, you need fabric weight (fabric GSM). Let us say Melt-blown and Spunbond fabric GSM: 30 (In your sample, fabric GSM may be different).

Considering all these measurement, total areas needed per mask
= (172 x 175 +172 x 175+175x175)
= (30100+30100+30625) = 90825 Sq. mm combining 3 layers
= 0.090825 sq. meters

Consumption in grams = (Area of Fabric x GSM) = (0.090825x30) Grams= 2.275 grams. 
Including wastes fabric needed 3 grams for 3 layers. 2 grams spun-bond and 1 gram melt-blown.

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