How Many Meter of Tapes Are There in a 1 Kg Non-Woven Fabric Tape Roll?

Question: I want to start mask manufacturing, I need a guide in converting the weight of the roll into the length. Normally, non-woven melt-blown fabric suppliers give price in kgs. Kindly share calculations so that easy day to day practice. I have fabric GSM and tape width. What would be the length of tape in one Kg? Can you show me how to convert non-woven tape roll weight into meters?

Mask making non-woven tape
Non-woven tape roll for making masks


Tape length of non-woven melt-down fabric can be derived if you have information on tape GSM, tape width, and weight of the roll.  In your question, you said that you have fabric GSM, width, and weight.
The formula used for converting weight into the length 
Fabric length (in meter)= Fabric Weight (in gram) / (Fabric width (in meter) X Fabric GSM)
Let's say 3 different quality of non-woven melt-blown fabrics is as following:

(1) 25 GSM X 175 MM width, Weight - 1 Kg(1000 grams)
(2) 35 GSM X 150 MM width non-woven roll,  Weight - 1 Kg(1000 grams)
(3) 50 GSM X 160 MM width non-woven roll,  Weight - 1 Kg(1000 grams)

As per formula length of the first roll 

Fabric length = (1000 / (0.175 x 25)) = 190.476 meters

The lengths of all 3 different types are shown in the following table.

  Fabric GSM Fabric Width (MM)Tape Weight (Grams) Tape Length in meters
 1 35150  1000 190.476
 2 25175 1000 228.57
 3 50160 1000 125 

Note: To get an accurate length of the tape, you need to take the net weight of the non-woven fabric tape. Normally, tape roll comes with the paper container inside the fabric tape. If you taking weight including the inner paper roll, you need to minus the paper roll weight to get net tape weight.    
Converting length into weight:

Use the following formula for converting tape length into weight.

Fabric Weight (in gram) =  Fabric length (in meter) X fabric width (in meter) X Fabric GSM

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