How Much Fabric Do I Need for Making Kurtis for Women?

How much fabric is needed for making women kurtis

Women Kurtis are common items for day to day use. When you want to make Kurtis for women or kids, you need to know how much fabric do you need. In the post, we will see the fabric requirement calculation method in meters (yards) for making simple women Kurtis / women suits. If you just like to know how many meters you need for making Kurti - it is 2-4 meters depending on Kurti's length and size.

Fabric requirements mainly depend on the length of the Kurti design. The followings are two main parameters on which your fabric consumption will depend.

Fabric width: Fabric width is an important parameter for calculating fabric consumption in length (in meter or yards needed per garment).

Size and Fit: The second parameter is Kurti's size and its measurement, Fit type (sleeve length and Kurti length). I will use the following measurements for calculating the fabric need for making woven Kurti.

 Point of measures  Measurement (inch)
Bust 40
Waist 38
Hip 42
Body Length 44
Sleeve length 24
Muscle (1/2) 7.5

In a Kurti, you need to cut these panels and fabric area for each panel. (Consider higher measurement, when you use the formula for calculating fabric requirement)

  • Front panel
  • Back panel
  • Sleeve x 2 panel
  • Collar
  • Front placket
  • Tapes for side slits

sample marker
Fabric requirement calculation using sample marker (for representation purpose only)

I will try to explain fabric consumption using a sample marker. Cut front panel and back panel side by side (See above image). Add seam margin and fold width where needed. In this calculation, I placed the front and back panel side by side in the opposite direction.

Total width of fabric needed for two body panels= (21+22+2) inches = 44 inches
Length of body panels = (44 inches + bottom fold 2 inches +seam margin 1 inch) = 47 inches

Two sleeve panels are placed side by side
Width needed (15 + 1+ 15+1) = 32 inches
Length of sleeve is 24 inches + cuff 2 inches (including fold)   = 26 inches

Other components (front placket and tapes for side slits, collar) can be cut from the side of the sleeve patterns.

Considering body and sleeve patterns you need total (47+ 26) inches  = 73 Inches.

So you need fabrics 73 inches when you select fabrics of 46 inches. Add 5%  fabric wastage to calculate fabric consumption = (73 x 1.05) = 76.65 inches or 1.95 Meters per Kurti.

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Note: The above fabric estimates for a Kurti is shown for a specific style (design).

If you purchase fabrics of shorter width, lengthwise wise more fabric is needed per Kurti.  The best way of selecting the right width of fabrics is - first make the marker on a flat table and see what width is most cost-effective and minimum fabric wastage width wise.

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