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From Prototype to Profit: How to Turn Your Ideas into Products (Clothing Line)

We’ve all been hit with that one-in-a-million fashion idea. You’ve seen the next big thing in your mind, and now you’re ready to make it a reality. As a fashionable individual, you’re off to a good start. However, an idea alone isn’t enough to create a product. There’s a lot that goes into garment making no matter what type of clothing item you have in mind.
You’ll need to become a mini-entrepreneur to go from idea to market. How do you take that idea from your thoughts alone and turn it into something worthy of buying? It will take hard work, dedication, and the willingness to think outside of the box. Are you ready to turn your idea into a reality? Follow these steps below.

1. Do Your Research Believe it or not, a startling 42% of small businesses each year fail because there’s no market need for their product. Before you even begin, you need to make sure there’s actually a market looking for the product you want to design. If you have a need in your life that inspired your design, …

CAD System and Its Application in Garment & Fashion Industry

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been a boon for designing and manufacturing industry allowing efficiency and productivity which a normal pen-paper design can never compare with. The CAD system and its tools have become an essential component of garment manufacturing - fast fashion makers, designers, even traditional fashion manufacturers now own a CAD system. In this article, we are going to look at how the implementation of CAD technology has revolutionized the textile and garment industry. When you read this post, you will get to know -
About the CAD SystemHistory of the CAD SoftwareBasic features of an apparel CAD systemBenefits of CAD softwareCAD Solution providersDifferent types of CAD systems based on its application areaFactors to consider before installing a CAD systemCAD Pricing (Approx data)
I remember the first time when I used CAD in my college. It was so mesmerizing just to see how specifying some color along with the weaving pattern in the software would give the final l…

Hourly Production Report - the Basic Tool to Control Daily Production

In a garment factory, on the shop floor, line supervisors get production target for the day. Production target means the number of garments needs to be produced by the end of the shift using given resources (man, machine and hours).

The daily production target calculation part is easy but producing the target quantity from a line is not. So, you need an effective tool to control daily production at every hour. And the basic reporting tool used by garment factories is Hourly production report. Also called as Production by Hour Report.

In this post, I have explained two things
What is hourly production report and How to use hourly production report to control daily production What is Hourly Production Report? A report in which hourly production quantity of a line (line output) or/and hourly production of all operations and operators are captured is known as an hourly production report. For the current day, hourly production is displayed on a whiteboard. You can see the following image.

An Intimate Wear Show, INTIMASIA 3.0 will be Held on 21-22 January 2019 at New Delhi

Intimate wear is currently the fastest growing sector of the garment trade, and with Delhi at the heart and crux of the industry, it makes it the perfect intersection for both manufacturers and the trade to converge the wide exposure. Add to this India’s premier exhibition, at Pragati Maidan, assures that the trifecta of why INTIMASIA 3.0 is slated to become India’s signature intimate wear expo.

INTIMASIA was conceived as a path-breaking concept to bring in the best and brightest minds amongst both retailers and brands under one banner with a dynamic and clear vision: the elevation of the innerwear business to new heights, by seamlessly promoting fashion and ideation, while seeking to encourage and foster innovation and discussion. As the unprecedented success of the first two editions of the event will testify, INTIMASIA isn’t just a platform to exhibit your wares, it is, in fact, an eclectic mix of exhibition, launches, networking, opportunities and a glandular platform for both reta…

What is On-Standard Efficiency and Overall Efficiency?

When it comes for measuring production line efficiency, the efficiency is measured in various forms. Standard Efficiency, off-standard efficiency, Overall efficiency and True efficiency. In the post, I will explain the difference between On-standard efficiency and overall efficiency.
The efficiency of a production line or an individual operator is calculated by using following formula. 
Efficiency (%) = (Total minutes produced / Total minutes attended at work)*100 
What is Overall Efficiency The above formula gives us the overall efficiency of an operator or a line. In the above example, all working hours are considered in the calculating efficiency. In the total shift hours, sometimes operators will work a standard job, sometimes they will work on off-standard jobs and sometimes they may not be doing any job due to lost time (no work). When the total work time is not separated and whole hours are used in the calculation, it gives overall efficiency.

Read how to calculate the overall e…

Tech Solutions for (Fashion) Retailers - Drones will be Replacing Delivery Boy

The technology evolution in our everyday life, changing the way how the world does business. Today in the world of fast fashion people are ready to spend money to get the product within minutes at their fingertips.

In the current situation where a computer drives us from one part to another part or we get our product from a flying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sounds like something sci-fi, however, that is the place we're going. In the current situation, people are more tech-savvy for the right product and right on time. Due to this tech giants are more focusing on fast delivery of product in right place at the right time.

Now just because of this reason, the fastest logistics company are in advantage of serving the people and they are doing a competition in proving better technology and service. However, a new term has come into the market that is last-mile delivery with the help of drones and automatic vehicles.

Their popularity was powered by a series of technology advancement…

All About Skiiwear: A Market Segment Worth Exploring

Nordic skiing and Alpine skiing account for just two types of skiing in which people participate. Skiers further engage in recreational disciplines that include cross-country skiing and Telemark skiing. Some of the popular sporting events are cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined, which includes cross-country skiing and ski jumping ( The business opportunity in the skiiwear manufacturing segment is discussed in this post.

There are many skiing events held annually. The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships hosts these sports, plus Telemark skiing, at the championship level in the winter of every odd-numbered year. Biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, is another event that is highly popular.

Skiiwear Market Size According to Statistica, the skiwear market in the USA was worth the US $6.5 billion in 2017. Europe was closely behind with another US $4.8 billion. In 2017, Europe had over 70 million people who at least participate…

TimeSSD - the New Paradigm in PMTS (Register for Free and Get 60 SAM Free Trial Credit*)

timeSSD® is a cloud based software tool for standard working methods definition in the ready-made garment sector.

timeSSD® provides the benchmark times by its predefined motion elements set which are based on MTM-2 (Method Time Measurement 2).

The predefined elements database covers all possible motions from the sewing lines, offering celerity in labor content evaluation. The user follows the operation video and selects with mouse clicks the observed motion’s corresponding element from the easy to use element matrix.

timeSSD® is available for everybody and from anywhere with an internet connection to the address

The user who would use it just register and starts to use, without a contract, without user license or keys, without any further obligations. No installation required, no infrastructure is necessary.

The pricing is “pay per use”, the system counts the times used from its standard elements database. Each new registered user gets 60 SAM as free trial cred…

Sew-free Seaming Technology in Garment Manufacturing

Sewing has been one of the oldest of textile arts and has been the basics for garment construction since then. But the use of thermoplastic or hot melt adhesive films have started to revolutionise the way of garment construction and has become the next generation of cut and sew. In this article, I will discuss heat sealing, sew-free seaming technology along with the pros and cons of the sew-free technology. 
What is seam sealing or sew free seam? Seam sealing is a process of sealing up of the seam generally with a silicone coat or tape with a purpose of waterproofing the seam. But with the use of elastomeric adhesive tapes, this extra step of coating has been removed altogether and the tape gets fused directly onto the seam removing the need for stitch. It can be also used in normal garments for panel attachment, side seams, pocket and placket attachments etc. sew free seam can be done using bonding, welding method too.

How the seam sealing (Sewfree seam) works? Sew-free seaming has …

Coats Opened the First of Three Innovation Hubs (in US, China and Turkey)

Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, has opened three Innovation Hubs around the world. These are dedicated centres are opened for collaboration with a range of partners including customers, brands, suppliers, universities and start-ups. Coats Innovation Hub – America, at its Sevier manufacturing site in North Carolina, US, has been formally opened by Mike Clasper, Chairman; Rajiv Sharma, Group Chief Executive; and members of the Coats Board. Innovation Hub – EMEA, in Bursa, Turkey and Innovation Hub – Asia, in Shenzhen, China will be opened in early 2019.

The Innovation Hubs will develop pioneering new products and processes in Apparel and Footwear and Performance Materials, which encompasses hi-tech products for end uses in Automotive, Oil and Gas, Protective Wear and Telecom. They provide creative and inspiring spaces where an innovative idea can be developed collaboratively and rapidly worked up into a prototype design which is then manufactured in a stand-a…

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