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How Alloy Buttons are made?

Buttons are the common items used in apparel products for fasteners and decoration purpose. Buttons are made from various materials like plastic, wood, sea shell, one or multiple metals etc. In this post, I will explain the alloy button manufacturing process.
Let me explain, what the alloy button means – metals buttons those are composed of two or more metals or of a metal or metals with a nonmetal, intimately mixed, as by fusion or electro-deposition are known as alloy buttons. Raw Material used for Alloy Button Making Mainly Zinc bar is used for Alloy Button making.

Machine Used for Alloy Button Making Die Casting Machine is used for making the alloy button. The following machines are used for mold making for the alloy button.
Lathe machine - Both Traditional and CNC lath machines are usedMilling Machine - Both Traditional and CNC Milling Machines are usedEDM - Electro Discharge Machine-Making Copper Electrode for Carver machineCarver Machine - Used For Making Logo /Design on Die-Pu…

Different Parts of a Sewing Machine (with Pictures)

Different parts of a sewing machine (single needle lock stitch machine) are shown in this post. The single needle lock stitch machine is the most used and basic sewing machine. When you first learn about tailoring, normally you are given a single needle lock stitch machine for learning machine handling and stitching a cloth piece. You are also taught about the basic parts of the sewing machine.

As a beginner, after reading this article you can identify different parts of the sewing machine and know the names of sewing machine parts.

Different parts of a sewing machine Here is the list of different sewing machines parts. The sewing machine parts are also shown in the following images.
Needle Needle guardNeedle barThroat plateSlide plateFace plateFeed dogThread take-up leverPresser foot Presser foot lifter (by hand)Presser foot lifter by kneeTension springTension discStitch (SPI) regulatorBack stitch leverHand wheel Bobbin thread winderBobbinBobbin caseThread spool trayNeedle thread gui…

Industrial Sewing Machines and Their Model Numbers (JUKI)

Juki is one of the leading sewing machine manufacturers in the world. They have developed different types industrial sewing machines according to the production need for improved stitching quality and stitching speed. 
Sometimes we need to know the sewing machine model number in the specific machine types. Here we have shared a list of industrial sewing machine model numbers for different machine types for your reference. Read the list and share it.

#1. 1-needle, lockstitch machine
DDL-9000B-MS-PBN /X73119, DDL-9000BR DDL-900A, DDL-8700B-7 DDL-8700-7, DDL-8700, DDL-5600N-7, DDL-5600N DDL-5550N-7, DDL-5550N, DLU-5494N-7/IT-100A,
#2. 2-needle, lockstitch machine
LH-3528A-7,  LH-3528A,  LH-3578A-7,  LH-3578A

#3. Overlock /Safety stitch machines
MO6700DA-30P, MO-6700S

#4. Zigzag stitching machines
LZ-2290A-SR-7, LZ-2290A-SS-7
LZ-2280A, LZ-2284A-7, LZ-2284A, LZ-2287A

#5. Post bed sewing machines
DP-2100, LT-591

#6. Coverstitch machine
MF-7500-U11, MF-7500-U11/UT

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