What is Garment Spec Sheet

A document that contains a sketch of the garment design and garment construction details is called specification sheet or spec sheet or simply garment spec. A designer makes the spec sheet to communicate design detailing and how the garment to be constructed. A spec sheet includes measurements of point of measures (POM) of the apparel product/design.
Sketch of a shirt

A garment spec sheet includes the following things
  • The Garment sketch – the design sketch can be made by hand or template can be used. 
  • Measurement sheet for garment sizes - all sizes to be made for design. Measurements are graded for different sizes.
  • Remarks and comments - designer marks special notes on the spec sheet to communicate additional things 
  • Instruction for workmanship 
  • Stitching details with SPI and needle size to be used
  • Stitch classes and seam types to be used for different seams

More about garment specification sheet:

A spec sheet is an important tool for a designer. Spec sheets are developed in the computer by using a spec sheet template or techpack developing software. Garment manufacturers normally receive spec sheet from buyers in soft copy (pdf format).

Sometimes spec sheet is corrected after sample development and checking the sample fitting on live model or on the dress-form. A spec sheet is a guideline for sample makers and design concept in a paper by the product designer. Spec sheet is part of apparel techpack.

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