A Miniature of Handloom Weaving Machine

Recently I visited one garment factory in Bangalore to conduct a training programme.
While returning from Bangalore, I visited the saree shop in the airport to buy one silk saree. It is near shopper stop showroom. The shop was selling mostly silk sarees. In the early morning, there were no customers in that showroom other than me and one more couple who were buying saree.

The showroom has showcased one miniature of the handloom weaving machine. The handloom is made of a wooden frame. In the handloom, there is partially woven cloth.

It was very nice. I like it. I am sharing pictures of that handloom miniature.

Silk Sarees in the showroom @ Bangalore Airport

Handloom front side view (miniature).

Handloom back side view (miniature)

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