Job Responsibilities of the Managers (HODs) in a Garment Manufacturing Company

Question: I am going to open a garment company soon in Vietnam. Would you please help me to have some details about all supervisors’ tasks, production manager task, technical manager task, cutting manager task, warehouse (stock) manager task, packing manager task and quality manager task. I will be grateful if you help me. ... asked by OCS Fan (name not mentioned)

It is a long question. But no problem, I will list down major tasks of each department as much as possible.

First of all, an employee’s (manager and supervisor) roles and responsibilities in a company depends on the organisation structure, type of production systems followed and on the business type. Even each factory does not have same number of departments. The basic roles of each head of the departments (HODs) are listed below. But their roles are not limited to these list. It may be extended.
You can set following tasks for your managers in respective departments in starting. Later as you start your company step by step you will find what should be manager’s core responsibilities in each department and you can extend their responsibilities based on your business profile.

Tasks of a Line manager (Line supervisor) 

  • Line setting
  • Get production done on time
  • Must produce right quality garments
  • WIP control and line balancing
  • Tracking production and preparing production report
  • Giving instruction to operators
  • Operator performance check
  • Discussion with production
  • Motivating operators to produce as per their production capacity
  • Meeting target production output and target cost

Tasks of a Production Manager

  • Production planning for the lines (manpower, machine and styles)
  • Giving instruction to the line supervisors
  • Line performance analysis (efficiency, man to machine ratio, cost/pieces) and plan for continuous improvement
  • Analysis of quality data
  • Discussion with other team members (like merchants, fabric manager, cutting team, planning, IE team)
  • Taking main role in PP meeting
  • Looking after job works (such as printing, embroidery, garment dying etc) and taking decision on selection vendors for job work
  • Planning for Overtime work
  • Deciding rate for piece rate employees (sewing, thread cutting, pressing etc.)

Tasks of a Technical Manager 

I assume here that you are meaning to Industrial Engineers. Task of an industrial engineer includes followings.
  • Conducting R&D for styles
  • Preparation of Operation Bulletin, line layout, workstation design
  • Calculation of SMV and CM cost etc.
  • Keeping record of style SAMs
  • Making line performance report, factory performance report
  • Hiring sewing operators
I have posted an article on IE's job profile. For more details please refer my article IE's Job profile

If you mean otherwise, pattern making and product development department, please read this article. Job responsibilities of a garment technician

Tasks of a Cutting Manager 

  • Marker planning, calculating marker efficiency and work on saving fabric
  • Maintaining and recording cutting, fabric consumption
  • Fabric reconciliation for cutting department
  • Determining production fabric average
  • Meeting with production manager and discussion about cut plan 
  • Cutting quality and fusing quality control

Tasks of a Warehouse (stock) Manager 

  • Keeping record of all incoming and issued items
  • Issuing items to other departments and individual requirements based on requisition slip
  • Reconciliation of items after orders is shipped 
  • Keeping record of consumption / averages provided by merchants and technical team 
  • Checking stock for items in regular interval and report it to respective person for reorder of finished out items.
  • Implementing 5S in stores (arranging and keeping items such a way that required items are easily find out)
  • Follow factory standard procedures for issuing goods to other departments
  • Generate item requirements note in advance so that you always have essential items in stock

Tasks of a Packing Manager 

  • Ensure packing as per buyer's instruction (ratio, assortment, poly bag quality, tagging style, marking or labeling cartons etc)
  • Complete packing an order before final inspection
  • Preparing packing list and forward it respective merchants / production managers
  • Keeping record of all shipped orders, left out pieces and informing the same to production manager 
  • Giving instruction to the packing, folding team about the packing requirement time to time and buyer specific
  • Chasing finishing department for goods

Tasks of a Quality Manager 

  • Ensure quality in all aspects
  • Employ QA to check garments at the time of stitching. It is to ensure that operators are not making any defective pieces
  • Conduct internal audits prior to handing over goods to buyer representative for final inspection. 
  • Ensure only quality trims are used in production
  • Instruct packing department for correct tagging and packing requirement
  • Meet with buyer representatives and understand about quality requirements of each buyer.
  • Implement quality systems in each department.
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