Quality Controller's (QC) Job profile in Clothing Industry

It is very important that as a quality controller you should know what exactly QC's do in the other companies. Responsibility of the QC personnel may be vary organisation to organisation but the main job responsibilities remain same. Job responsibilities of the quality control team in the garment manufacturing are listed in this article.

Job responsibilities of Quality Controller

  1. Setting quality standards for the factory following buyer’s requirements and guidance for each departments and processes.
  2. Establish SOPs for production and preparatory processes to get right first time quality from each process. Develop MIS for quality measurement and recording quality.
  3. When established quality standards are there in a company they need to follow and control the factory quality standard.
  4. Monitor the quality of the product through the various stages of production.
  5. Train the newly hired quality personnel on company quality policies and how to use quality tools.

Job responsibilities in Pre-production area

  1. Auditing inward fabric and trims and ensuring only quality goods are accepted.
  2. Involvement in product development and sampling stage and take care of quality aspects of samples.
  3. Ensure that no faulty fabric is sent for cutting. If minor fault are present in the fabric, defects should be marked on the fabric and same thing must be communicated to cutting department.
  4. Preparing audit report of the fabric and trims quality.
  5. Conducting pre-production meeting before production start.

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Job roles in Production

  1. Perform in-line inspection and end-of-line inspection in sewing floor.
  2. Perform inline inspection, pre-final audit and final inspection in finishing department.
  3. Audit of the packed goods prior to offering shipment to buyer QA.
  4. Responsible for analysis quality reports and prepare improvement plan.
  5. Ensuring the right quality of the outward garment by conducting quality audits in manufacturing process.

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