Lab Testing Procedure of Dyed and Printed Fabric

Question: Is the lab test done before dyeing the fabric & printing? Please explain the stages and how to get these approved? … asked by Amita

The lab test can be done before the fabric dyeing and printing process. At that stage physical properties of a fabric, such as yarn counts, fabric construction (EPI and PPI), fibre contents etc. can be tested. Although fabric tests such as the Fabric Package Test (FPT) are normally performed after the dyeing and printing processes.

Normally fabric parameters are tested on finished fabric or on the finished garment. Each buyer has a set of test requirements which are mentioned in their quality manual and a copy of test requirements is forwarded to their nominated labs.

For fabric package testing (FPT) you need to send fabric samples to a testing lab that is nominated by your buyer. The testing lab will do all tests that are required by the buyer for approval of your fabric that is going to be used in garment making.

If you are only looking for dyeing and printing testing done from the lab for buyer approval then send dyed and printed fabric samples to the nominated testing lab in your location and ask a testing team to perform only printing and dyeing-related tests.

In this case, generally, the following parameters are tested
  • Color fastness test (to wash, daylight, perspiration)
  • Color fastness to rubbing
  • Color bleeding
  • Chemical test for toxic material and carcinogenic contents.
After the lab test, the lab will provide you with a complete fabric test report. This report will contain buyer requirements for each test parameter and the actual test result on each parameter. When the test result meets the buyer test requirement you get a fabric approval report.

You have to submit a copy of the Lab test report to your buyer for the approval of the further process for fabric. In the following, we have shared a lab testing machine used for testing color fastness. 

Color Fastness To Washing Tester by Chiuvention 

The WashTrue Washing Color Fastness Tester, also known as Color Fastness to Washing Tester or Launder-Ometer. It adopts a smart temperature control algorithm to ensure that the washing color fastness test meets the test standards and that the color fastness to washing test results are reliable. It applies to standards such as ISO 105 C06:2010, AATCC61-2013e3, GB/T 12490-2014, M&S C4A, AATCC190-2010e2 (2016) e2, NEXT TM 02, etc.

Washing color fastness tester

A series of testing operations can be completed on the touch screen, such as selecting standards, parameters, time, and temperature settings, adding water, draining water, etc., it is smart and efficient, and the buzzer alarms automatically when the color fastness to washing test is completed.  Besides, you can also get solutions for improving the efficiency of color fastness to the washing test.

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