Apr 14, 2012

What is GPT and FPT in Textile Testing?

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In garment and textile testing, GPT stands for Garment Package Test and FPT stands for Fabric Package Test.

Each buyer set guidelines for what all tests are mandatory at fabric stage and subsequent in garment stage. Buyers send this package tests list to their nominated testing labs. Prior to bulk production buyers asked for FPT and GPT test report from their vendors for production approval. Garment manufacturer then sends sample (fabric or garment) to the testing labs for FPT and GPT. Once garment manufacturer mentioned for FPT or GPT, testing lab perform all test according to the buyer test manual. In this package test garment manufacturer do not need to specify any test to the testing lab. Pricing of FPT and GPT is done based on the tests to be performed as per buyer requirement.

Crock meter/Rubbing fastness tester
Image source: www.sdlatlas.com
In fabric stage (FPT) most of the tests (physical properties) is covered. If all requested test results don’t meet or exceed buyer specified requirement then fabric is not approved for further process. In this case fabric is sent for re-processing. Fabric is reprocessed to improve those properties in which fabric does not able to meet test standards. And fabric is resubmitted for testing.

For an example, buyer ST. JOHN's GPT test list includes tests like
  1. Dimensional stability in Laundering 3 cycles or Dry cleaning 1 cycle
  2. Appearance after Laundering 3 cycles or Dry cleaning 1 cycle 
  3. Color fastness to Laundering or Dry cleaning 
  4. Seam strength 
  5. Tension test on components 
Very few test in GPT, because most of performance test is covered in FPT. Test requirement may vary based on fabric type, trims used, fibre content etc.