Industrial Engineering #4

43. 20 Ways to improve productivity in garment production
Higher productivity brings higher margin in a business. And increment in Productivity level reduces garment manufacturing cost. Hence factory can make more profit through productivity improvement.

44. What is Skill Matrix for Sewing operators?
Skill Matrix is a chart or a database where operator’s past performances on various operations are recorded in a systematic way for the future reference. In a skill matrix operator performance is recorded in efficiency percentage.

45. Garment Production Cost: Actual cost Vs Cost per SAM
One of the most important KPIs for garment manufacturing is comparison between Actual costs Vs Cost per SAM. Factories calculate these costs and compare on daily basis. The actual cost figure shows that how much money factory is paying as make up to the operators. But exactly how these measures are calculated?

46. How to do Line Balancing using Operator Skill History?
The prerequisite of this method is to have a skill matrix of sewing operators. Normally, at the time of line setting, operators are selected based on their experience on operations. The calculated skill level of the operators on the operations is not considered at all.

47. Operations, Seams and Sewing Machines Database for Basic Products now on the Web
I always feel that I should have knowledge about all sewing machines need to make garments covering all products. But it is not easy to keep in mind when I am not sewing machines supplier or distributor and even I am not making all types of garment in my factory.

48. KPIs for Garment Manufacturers
Key performance Indicators (KPIs) are measured to assess where the factory currently stands and to find key focus areas where management needs to look into. Top 9 KPIs has been listed and explained below that are measured by garment manufacturers (export houses) in the apparel industry.

49. Actual Garment Production Cost – The way factory calculates it
In the daily production report factory includes actual garment cost from the day of loading a style. In this article production cost represents sewing room cost. Factories consider all direct and indirect personnel who are involved in garment sewing and managing sewing lines in calculating garment production cost.

50. What is Man to Machine ratio in garment industry?
Man to machine ratio widely varies depending on the on the organization structure. If a factory has only production related departments (cutting, sewing, maintenance, quality and IE) then this ratio will be low. On the other hand if a factory includes department from design & development, sampling to finishing to shipment and documentation then this ratio will be high.

51. Characteristics of a good workstation layout
Prior to doing line layout of a product, design workstation layout for each individual workstations of the line. You may be looking for line layout (machine layout) for shirt manufacturing. Please note, which machines are required and how many required depend on the operations. First make operation breakdown and according to operations assign machines.

52. How to Show Line Efficiency when there is no Loading to a Line?
In garment production it has been observed that sometime line is filled with operators but they have no work to do. Because work is not given to them. It happens during line setting or if factory has no enough cutting to load.

53. Which Attachment to use for Making Gather and Simultaneously Attach to a Panel?

54. How to Calculate Sewing Machine RPM?
Each sewing machine has a maximum speed limit. When a sewing operator performs task on machine he/she does not run the machine at its maximum speed (rpm).

55. How to determine number of sewing line needed for an order?

56. Incentive Scheme for Sewing Operators – Part #1
Most of you know that employees work for money. If there is a chance for earning more money through better performance employees will jump for it. As a result employer gets more production in the same working hours. It will work only if you design your incentive scheme scientifically and if it is fair. Read full article >>

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