Responsibilities of General Manager (Operations) in a Garment Production Unit

General Manager (Operations) is considered as one of the top ranked jobs in garment manufacturing company. GM’s responsibility is to manage the entire factory operations (single or multiple factories) and ensure that factory is running profitably.

The common job responsibilities those come under GM Operations are -

Coordination with marketing and merchandising team: He meets with marketing team for future orders, present order status, and product costing and to discuss capacity status of the factory/s. He takes decision to accept any order or not when there is less margin.

Approvals from Buyers: He handles production issues and when required he can directly contact to buyer for approval of variations. 

Planning of production units: Production planning, Material planning and machinery planning is done or reviewed by him.
Style allocation to units (where handling multiple factories): Based on available capacity, product categories he allocates styles in different units. In case own factory capacity is less than required one, he transfers orders to other factories for job work.

Technical setting of the garment: For the reduction of making cost and production friendly samples, he changes technical setting of the garment. 

Involvement in pp meetings: He attends pre-production meeting and ensure that important points are discussed at meeting. 

Production monitoring: He does follow up day to day production from each line and ensures that production units meet the production target. 

Factory work study/industrial engineering: Follow up industrial engineering functions and systems. 

Quality of the finished product: He ensures that factory produces quality product at minimum alteration and repair cost. He ensures that only quality goods are shipped to the buyers. 

Shipment planning and shipments: He plans shipment dispatch with documentation and shipping department. 

Costing of production floor: He checks manpower costing of each floor and try to keep manpower cost under control.

Cost cutting of production processes: Cost cutting is continuous goal to a General Manager. He looks into things possible ways where production cost can be minimized and goes for it. 

Employee Training: To motivate employees and enrich their knowledge in certain areas training program is arranged by him.

Buyer Compliance: He makes sure that all factories are compliance as per buyer.

Recruitment: He also involved in hiring people to ensure that only right personnel is employed to the company.

Workers personal & welfare activities: These are also part of his job responsibilities.

Inter departmental issues: He ensures smooth flow of information and material from one department to another. He resolves inter-departmental issues if there is any.

It is to be noted that job responsibilities may vary company to company. --

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