Deference Between Seam and Stitch

What is the deference between Seam and Stitch? What are the different types of stitches? asked by Shahidul


A Seam is defined as a line where two or more fabrics (or other sheet material) are joined together by means of stitches. For example, a superimposed seam – when two plies, one placed above another and is sewn together.

A Stitch is defined as the configuration of the interlacing of sewing thread in a specific repeated unit.
A stitch can be defined as a formation of thread for the purpose of making a seam or stitching.

Stitch is made to join two or multiple fabric or other sheet together.
For example, Lock stitch, overedge or overlock stitches. See right side images for example.

Stitch Classes 

Stitches are classified based on structure and stitch formation. Normally stitches are classified as below.

Class 100: Single thread chain stitch
Class 200: Hand stitch
Class 300: Lock stitch (formed with needle thread and bobbin)
Class 400: Multi thread chain stitch
Class 500: Overedge and safety stitch
Class 600: Cover stitch or flat seam stitch

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