What are the inspection services in the garment industry?

Questions: What is inspection service in ready made garment (RMG) Industry? And what is procedure of inspection services in RMG?

OCS's Answer:

Inspection services in RMG industry: To confirm the quality of the final product, manufacturers do inspection of the garment in every stages of garment making. To eliminate biased decision buyers like to have ‘Third Party inspection’ of goods (garments) at manufacturer's facility. So, when a factory takes service from an outside organization especially for garment quality and process inspection is known as inspection service. There is large number of companies who provide such services to the RMG industry. They charge for their services.

Inspection service procedures: The Inspection service procedures solely depend on the garment buyers. As per the term inspection may be conducted only final stage that is prior to garment shipping. Or it may extended to initial production inspection, in-process inspection, pre-shipment inspection.
  1. To avail inspection services you have to contact buyer nominated inspection service providers. 
  2. You have to inform the date of inspection in advance, so that service provider can attend you on time.
  3. Service provider will give your certificate of the inspection mentioning the quality standard of the goods. They will suggest you for further processing (100% checking of goods) if required. 
  4. You have to submit inspection certificate to buyer. 
  5. Based on the third party inspection report buyer gives approval of shipment movement.

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