How to control embroidery thread wastage in garment factory?

Question: I am working in a garment export house as a merchandiser. Kindly note in my company, there is a lot of wastage of embroidery threads. Please advise how we can manage this thread wastage? Also advise how can I cross-check embroidery thread consumption with the calculation, as in our company after the completion of any order, we have a lot of thread in stock.


To control thread wastage, I mean to reduce thread wastage you need to calculate thread consumption correctly and purchase thread according to your consumption sheet.

Like you calculate sewing thread consumption for garment stitching, embroidery master can provide you garment (per design) wise thread requirement for embroidery. Where multiple colours of thread is used for embroidery motif/design collect colour wise threads consumption from your embroidery master. If you source embroidery thread as per consumption I can assure you that you can minimize thread leftover in your factory.

You may be faced a situation such as you have less quantity per colourways or design or style and as per the requirement of embroidery department, you need to purchase lot of thread cones/tubes according to no. machine heads of embroidery machine. In such case purchase thread according to your requirement (in meters) and later rewind big spools/cones and make the smaller size of the tube by thread winding machine.

You can cross-check thread consumption by number of needle punch required to make a design. For the long term benefit keep record of historical data of thread usage (style wise / design wise) that can you used for future references.

For example, for a style you had purchased X meters of threads and after completion of embroidery you received total leftover of Y meters. And you made brand logo for 500 garments. Can you measure what was your thread consumption per garment (logo)? Actual thread consumption is equal to (X-Y)/500 meters. Thus you can create your historical data for design wise thread consumption and if you get similar design of embroidery in garment you can easily assess what would be the thread consumption for the new style.

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