How to calculate the turnover for a garment factory?

Question: Please explain me comprehensively how to calculate the turnover for a garment factory.

OCS's answer:

Annual turnover is defined as the total sales revenue of a factory in a year (financial year). 

By selling garments or exporting garments the total revenue earned by a garment factory during a financial year is its Annual turnover for that financial year. 

To get factory's annual sales turnover total up all the sales the company made in the financial year.

If sales value does not exist with accounts department then you can follow following steps to get your annual turnover.

1. Collects all PO shipped during a time period from merchants or shipping department.
2. Check PO wise quantity shipped and FOB and calculate PO wise revenue earned by the company
3. Total up sales revenue of all PO. 

Thus you get annual turnover of your factory.

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