How to calculate operator utilization?

Questions: How to calculate operator utilization in the production line and how to increase it?

OCS's Answer:

To calculate operator utilization first record how many hours each operator of the line are doing sewing and associated work.

Secondly, record how many hours operators are sitting idle due no feeding to the line or line setting or waiting for work.

Above data can be recorded by using Non productive time record format. Idle time can be tracked by implementing RFID based real time shop floor control system which provides each and every transactions performed by an operator. Where factory does not track operators transactions (on-std and off-std hours) for them work sampling is an alternate method for tracking these data in percentage form.

Operator's utilization is presented in percentage. Total idle time of a line is A and total worked hours is H then
Operator utilization%= (H-A)*100/H

For example, in a production line total 25 operators working and factory work for 8 hours day. On average each operator sits idle for 45 minutes due to one or more reasons.

Operator utilization = [(25*60*8)-(25*45)]*100/(25*60*8)% = 90.6%

Operator utilization can be increased by reducing idle time or off-standards work hours such as waiting for work, no feeding, line setting etc. By balancing the line you can also increase it if operators wait for work.

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