How to Give a New Look to Your Old Clothes?

A quick and easy way to alter the way old clothes look is to change the cut. If you have a long sleeve dress or top that is frayed at the edges, convert it into sleeveless one. The same can be done for long pants and jeans by making them shorts and capris. Add a pretty brooch to your top or stitch on a lace collar and see the difference.

The color of most clothes fades over time. If you don’t want to let go of your favourite garment, get it dyed a bright and beautiful color. A red or deep blue can make your clothes look new.

Accessorising an old dress or tee can make all the difference. Utilize smart belts, neckpieces or even a lacy hem to make your garment look good.

If you are all out of ideas, go to your local tailor for help. He/ She will have some embroidery pieces, patches, stylish buttons or zippers that can transform your outfit. Ask him for suggestions or take along pictures of the idea that you have.

Jeans that are already faded can be made stylish by adding rips in the right places. Cut up an old dress that has shrunk in size and converts it into a cute little top.


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