Define a Garment

What is a garment?

The garment is the most common term used to name our clothes. Other forms of garments are apparel, attire, dress, uniform, and clothes. The article we wear to cover our body is known as a garment. A fabric sheet is a cloth but not a garment. The garment is defined as an article of clothing by

Articles like t-shirts, shirts, pants, jackets, boxer pants, ladies' blouses are garments. Garments are classified based on many criteria. In this fashion era garments are the most essential component of the fashion industry.  Images of two basic garments are shown below (1) T-Shirt and (2) Shirt.
1. T-Shirt
2. Shirt

In this post, I have covered a few things about garments.

Garments are made from fabrics by cutting the fabric and stitching garment patterns together. Other than textile fabrics, garments can be made from leather.

Factories and plant those make garment in bulk are known as garment manufacturer. Garments are also made in tailoring shop (custom made garments). The world garment industry is huge. The garment industry is globalised – developed countries sources garments from different parts of the world. A large garment supply chain work to build the global garment industry. The readymade garment industry is main source of economic development for many countries and provides job to millions of people.

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I am associated with the garment industry after doing my graduation in textile technology. Later I did post-graduation in garment manufacturing technology. Garment technology is a large area of study. Now I am associated with the garment industry. Most of the time I use the term ‘garment’ instead of other names like apparel.

There are millions of businesses that build on the garment in every corner of the world.

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