Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices, and Technology

ISBN:  9789383701759
Publisher:  Online Clothing Study
Number of Pages:  229
Dimensions:  6 inch x 9 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White 
Binding: Paperback

About the Book 

This book is relevant to everyone who is a part garment manufacturing process.
The book is written in 12 chapters.
Chapter 1. Apparel manufacturing business overview
Chapter 2. The organizational structure of an apparel manufacturing company
Chapter 3. The garment manufacturing process
Chapter 4. Garment factory departments and their activities
Chapter 5. Machines, tools and equipment
Chapter 6. Garment manufacturing technology
Chapter 7. Pre-production processes
Chapter 8. Managing a garment production unit
Chapter 9. Textile basics
Chapter 10. Quality control
Chapter 11. Factory compliance and certification
Chapter 12. Documentation and reporting system.

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 About the Author

----------------- Prasanta Sarkar  ---------------

 Prasanta Sarkar is a garment industry professional and a part-time blogger. He shares his expertise - knowledge, and experience through his much loved and popular blog in form of tutorials and articles about garment manufacturing technology.
He has worked with the leading apparel consultancy in NCR, India, prior to which he was handling the production, production planning and control department of a garment export house in India. He has worked with a start-up company.
Prasanta has done his B.Tech. in Textile Technology from Govt. College of  Engineering and Textile Technology Serampore and is a postgraduate from NIFT, New Delhi in Fashion Technology.

 Some Pre-publication Reviews 

"I think it is an excellent guide to those people wishing to enter or understand more about the world of garment manufacturing."
- Paul Collyer
Consultant, International Apparel Training and Consultancies, UK

"Incidentally, not many books have been written about the process of garment manufacturing with a bird’s eye view. In most of the books available, only a part of the whole process is talked about, and that too, from an academician point of view! As a result, when students (after reading these books) reach the garment manufacturing shop floor, they are a lost soul as they cannot relate to the processes or even the terminologies as described in the books.
In his book, author shows the courage of writing a book that is going to be helpful to the beginners joining the garment manufacturing industry in the truest sense! First of all, he approaches with a bird’s eye view towards the shop floor, breaking it up conveniently as it actually happens in the industry. Secondly, he exhibits the common sense of using exactly the terminologies that are used in the shop floor.
Further, Prasanta’s style of writing using bullets and tables in the right proportions makes the book the best that I have come across when reading about the garment industry. Many would debate about the academic quality of the book since it really does not cite too much of so-called papers and researches related to this industry- but this is actually a compliment in disguise! We need to educate people about the how the industry actually works- not just about its theoretical model! In that respect, this book is a must read and also a must carry for a trained student entering the garment industry of India."
- Arnab Sen,
Assistant Professor, Textile Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bhopal
"Perfect amalgamation of industry academia requirements in a book. Unfortunately in India most books are written from a pure academic perspective without covering the current practices prevailing in the industry. There is an absolute disconnect between industry and academia. The students passing from even the most premier institutes are unemployable and needs retraining when hired by an employer. Most of the faculties from academia lack relevant industry experience which happens to be a major road block in developing quality syllabus and content for a course. It is a practical guide to manufacturing practices used in the garment industry. This book is relevant to everyone who is a part garment manufacturing process. The author is very precise and straight to the point. This book is a mirror of practices which are widely accepted in the South Asian garment industry. " 
- Ashish Kumar Gupta 
Asst. Professor, 
School of Fashion Technology,
Lovely Professional University

The book is indeed very useful. When I started my business there was no one to guide me. Each and every step I failed learnt and again looked into the next step. It's appreciable that somebody is there who can be the mentor. By going through this book anyone can start their own set up without doing silly and common mistakes. They could gain huge knowledge to be an entrepreneur.

- Debolina Mukherjee
Entrepreneur, Stripe Blue

"Prasanta has been successfully able to cover a number of areas of Garment Manufacturing in this book. Most probably this is one of the few books in recent times which offer End to End overview of the field. This quality has made the book useful to a wider spectrum of readers including merchants, sourcing people, product developers, production personnel, planners, quality personnel and of course students and beginners. It is a balanced mix of theoretical concepts and latest industry practices with relevant shop floor examples. Overall this book is a good effort from the author and in true sense will be immensely useful and a must read book."
- Manoj Tiwari
Associate Professor, NIFT Jodhpur

The book has a scope of reaching a high watermark of success. It has done real justice in terms of adequate coverage of such a vast system of garment manufacturing.​ With twelve chapters, they have outlined important aspects/stages of garment manufacturing. Each aspect is broken down and explained​ ​with the help of process flow charts and visuals bringing clarity to the reader. ​​An excellent resource for ​​​students and professionals in clothing and fashion industry.​ ​Garment technologists,​ ​in their increasingly complex role, will find this resource​​​ invaluable.

- Mausmi Ambastha
Founder & Director, Threadsol

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