What is Waterless Washing of Jeans?

Waterless washing of jeans

Denim washing

Waterless washing of jeans is a method of cleaning denim garments without using large amounts of water. It typically involves techniques such as using air, steam, or chemicals to remove dirt and bacteria from the fabric. It can help to reduce the environmental impact of traditional denim production.

However, it's important to note that some water is still used in the production of the chemicals and other materials used in the process, so waterless washing is not entirely water-free.

Waterless methods of jeans washing involve cleaning and refreshing the jeans without the use of water. Some common waterless methods of jeans washing include dry cleaning, spot cleaning, steaming, and using ozone or laser technology. These methods are often used to reduce the environmental impact of traditional water-based washing methods, conserve water resources, and extend the life of jeans.

There are a few methods for washing jeans without using water:

1. Freezing: 
Place your jeans in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. This kills bacteria and eliminates odors.

2. Spot cleaning: 
Use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap or detergent to clean any dirty spots or stains on your jeans.

3. Dry cleaning: 
Take your jeans to a professional dry cleaner for waterless cleaning.

4. Air-drying: 
Hang your jeans outside in the fresh air and sunlight to eliminate any odors.

5. Laser–washing: 
Water, rocks, or sand are not used in laser washing to clean the jeans. Using a laser, the wash is applied to the jeans.

How does the jeans Brand, Levi's, define waterless washing?

What might a Water<Less® technique look like?
Sometimes we simply use a thimble of water and a bit of ozone instead of detergent. To get a soft feel typically achieved by using fabric softener, we might tumble jeans with bottle caps and golf balls, taking the water out of the wash altogether. The end result remains the same: the jeans you love made by using less water.  Read on Levi.com 


Embracing sustainable denim processing is one of the many reasons for using waterless denim washing. 

It's important to read the care label on your denim and follow any specific washing instructions the manufacturer provides. Also, keep in mind that denim may lose some of its dye and color if washed too frequently or with harsh chemicals. It is generally recommended to wash denim as infrequently as possible.

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