Restoration of a Rusty 1913 SINGER Sewing Machine (Video)

Singer sewing machine restoration

Last night while I was surfing videos on YouTube, I found this video and it grabs my attention. I played the video of restoration of Singer sewing machine fully rusted. An amazing restoration video. I always love sewing machines and has an attachment with sewing machine, sewing process and the readymade garment industry. 

I watched full video. It is really very interesting watching the whole video. I can't stop myself but sharing this video with you. It is so beautiful - hard work, natural sound (without added background  music in the video). 

If you are in sewn industry and have passion in clothing manufacturing, I am sure that you would love this video. Be noted, this video is not made by me. It is available on YouTube, published by a Channel named NATRA RESTORATION. I am just sharing it for you.

You will be surprised seeing number small parts disassembled, polished and shined each parts one after another using various tools. And later assembling all parts effortlessly and bring it to working condition. 

Hats off to the mechanic who restored the extremely rusted Singer sewing machine.

You can watch this full video on this page or on YouTube channel.

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