Garment Costing Guide for Small Firms in Fashion Value Chains (eBook by ITC)

Garment costing guide for small firms

About the guide (eBook)

This guide shows readymade garment manufacturers how to prepare their garment cost sheets and estimate the product cost for both manufacturing processes and value-added services. This garment costing guide also shows how to reduce manufacturing costs while aligning production processes.

The guidebook has shared global data on apparel product pricing and majorly referred to David Birnbaum’s publications on costing guides.

About the publisher

This guide is prepared and published by ITC. ITC is a well-known organization for sharing good reading material for businesses including the fashion and textile industries.

Publisher: International Trade Centre (ITC)
Title: The Garment Costing Guide: for small firms in value chains
Publication date and place: Geneva, August 2022
Page count: 133
ITC Document Number: SEC-22-65.E

This guide is available in PDF format, and you can download this costing guide for free.

This guide has explained various costing models. You will find the FOB prices of various products from the top 10 garment-exporting countries (Image 2). The guidebook has shared many good references for understanding the world of garment manufacturing.

Garment FOB price by product

Below are a few tables are taken from this costing guidebook just to show you how interesting the knowledge is there. You will get many such guides and reference material inside this guidebook.

Basic garment cost sheet

Cost to value cost sheet

Standard costsheet


This costing guidebook has also included a glossary of 150+ terms at the end of the book.

You can also check other publications by ITC on this page.

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Birnbaum, David and Birnbaum, Emma. November 6, 2020. Birnbaum on Strategy: The Guide to Cost-to-Value Analysis

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