Good Practices in the Global Apparel Industry - Publication by ITC

I came to know about this publication published by ITC (The International Trade Centre) from a Linkedin post. This publication is developed by Rajesh Bheda Consulting and was released via a roundtable conference on 29th September. 

I have gone through the contents of this publications (eBook) and found that this is a valuable guide book for garment manufacturers. So, sharing this valuable piece here for your reading.  You can visit ITC website and download from their website. I have also added direct download link below. 

ITC website introduces this publication as the following - 

Good Practices in the Global Apparel Industry provides valuable insight on ways for small and medium-sized enterprises to move up the value chain and away from low-value contract manufacturing.

Good Practices in the Global Apparel Industry advises manufacturers on how to move out of low-value contract production and take on additional roles across the clothing value chain.

The practices cover areas such as design development, merchandising and sourcing, quality management, productivity improvement, social and environmental responsibility, branding and e-commerce. Real-life case studies demonstrate how these good practices have been put into action and their resulting benefits. This International Trade Centre publication also provides good practices for management of trade support institutions and educational institutes.

Download Publication [Size: 1.88 MB]

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