What Does CA Number Mean on Clothing Label?

CA Identification number

What is CA Identification Number?

CA identification number is a number used to identify a company who deals with textile products in Canada. The textile dealer, apparel manufacturing companies, apparel and textile brands uses the CA number on products in place of a name and a postal address. The Competition Bureau (Canada) is responsible for allocating CA numbers.

Like RN number, you might have seen CA number in the clothing label (See below image). Some textile products obtained both the CA number and RN number.

The CA Identification Number is a five digit identification number preceded by the letters CA (ex: CA00000).

CA number of Canada Goose Brand is CA 10201
CA number of Gap is CA 17897

Eligibility details for getting CA number

One can apply for a CA Identification Number if they are:
  • A Canadian manufacturer of a textile fibre product;
  • A Canadian processor of a textile fibre product;
  • A Canadian finisher of a textile fibre product; or
  • A Canadian engaged in the business of importing or selling any textile fibre product.

Learn more about CA identification number requirements, registration and other necessary details.


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