How to Make Your Own T-Shirt (with Video)

t-shirt making

Making a t-shirt is easy when compared it to other apparel items. But one must learn stitching stitching skill to sew a t-shirt.

T-shirts are available for buying at a low price. Why should you need to make it by you own. It could be your hobby or you can take it for a hobby.

You need to setup your workshop, and buy many supplies. For making a t-shirt, you need spend money on sewing machine. If there is sewing machine in your home, then you can take this project without spending much money.

Warning! You need to learn handling of a sewing machine otherwise you may pinch your finger by sewing needle.

You can buy knit fabric from the local fabric shops. You need to know list of supplies you need buy before sit for stitching the t-shirt.

Lean how to make pattern or buy patterns for a t-shirt.

Step to make t-shirt by your own

If you want to make a t-shirt by your own, you need to follow below steps.
  1. Draft patterns for the t-shirt design
  2. Buy knit fabrics (Single Jersey) and other raw material supplies
  3. Cut fabrics as per your t-shirt patterns
  4. Setup sewing machines (For industrial production 3 different types of sewing machines are used)
  5. Join t-shirt components (10 - 12 stages) one by one. Checking the sewing operations list here
  6. Complete sewing the t-shirt
  7. Checking stitching quality. You should have basic understanding of quality t-shirt
  8. Trim thread, press the t-shirt using steam press
  9. Your t-shirt is ready

If you are interested in starting t-shirt making business in small-scale, you may refer to my book 'Kick Start Your T-Shirt Business'. This book cover all the necessary knowledges one needs to obtain to start a t-shirt business from scratch.

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T-shirt videos

I found two useful videos to learn making t-shirts (not an industrial production). Watch these two videos and share your thought. 

Making a T-Shirt : Make Your Own T-Shirt

Sewing Machine Techniques : How to Hem T-Shirts

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