What is yardage in the textile industry?

Yard is one of the measuring units of length. This unit is used to measure fabric length in yards in textile industry. Example: A fabric roll contains 100 yards of fabric.

Yardage is the linear length of the textile fabric required for making one garment or any textile item (like bed sheets, curtains, etc.) irrespective of the fabric width. In another term, yardage is the fabric consumption in the length of any fabric-made items. Whenever you calculate the yardage of any apparel /non-apparel items, you must mention the fabric width.

Example: Yardage for making a woven shirt is 2 yards. It means 2 yards of fabric (width 36 inches) is needed for making the shirt.

Yardage for making a full-length pant is 2-3/4 Yards (fabric width 36 inches)

Yardage is calculated for buying fabrics when someone needs to make custom-made apparel items or for bulk clothing production.

When we talk about Yardage requirement for making any textile made items, Yard and Yardage are not the same.

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