What is your sewing skill worth?

Sewing skill and its worth

You have a talent that not everyone possesses. You have the ability to sew. Years ago, it was probably more uncommon to come in contact with someone that cannot sew. However, although not a skill not possessed by as many as in earlier times, it is a skill that will always be needed. So put your abilities to work.

Why not make a little profit with that knowledge. Let’s take a look at what your sewing skill might be worth and how to put a value on it.

If you are interested in garment sewing profession, you can learn sewing skill by a training course and do a full time job in a garment manufacturing factory.  

Assess your skill

Step back and take a moment to inventory your sewing skills. What can you do really well? What skill could you use some improvement. Browse the internet on sites that show current sewing trends or items that are selling. Dependable sites like Etsy is a great place to check out what other people are offering and to have a better feel for what the price point should be on your items. 

Factor in your time and materials, but also note that if your speed isn’t exactly as fast as it could be, you might want to calculate that into the equation. Don’t charge more for time when it is the skill that needs improvement rather than basing on the difficulty of the project.

Embroidery is always in style

Embroidery work

Almost every single person we know either owns something embroidered or has purchased something and had it embroidered. A baby bib with his or her initials or guest towels for the bathroom.

There are endless opportunities and a chance at making some money. Since embroidery takes more than just your skill its so important to have the proper equipment. If you don’t know where to start or need to upgrade you currently have, then consider investing in the best embroidery digitizing software.

With the right embroidery digitizing software, you have so many options to customize whatever a customer need. With Sew Ways list, a lot of the research has been done for you. See the cost variations, reviews and pros and cons of the different software available.

What is the going rate?

An important thing to keep in mind is to research the average rate paid for a freelance seamstress. You don’t want to start out the gate being more expensive than anyone else available, but don’t shortchange yourself.

Remember when something is too good of a price, people wonder what is wrong with it. Definitely price your work according to the service you offer. Sewing on a button is in no way comparable to embroidering a three-color logo on a jacket. 

You can get an idea of what the average price for different services might be here.


Whatever your skill level is, there is money that can be made. There will always be someone that needs the service that you provide. Having very little overhead once you are established, there is the potential increased profit and growth.

This article is written and submitted by Sujana Marie

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