T-shirt fabric consumption calculator

T-shirt fabric consumption calculation

This calculator is for those who want to estimate the fabric consumption for making a t-shirt. To use this calculator, you need measurements for the length and width of the t-shirt body and sleeves. Add fabric wastage percentage to get accurate consumption. We will calculate the fabric consumption in grams. For using this calculator, you need to know the fabric GSM. Enter the measurement data in the following sheet (in inches) and click on the ‘Click’ button to get the result.

Collect the measurement data from your sample t-shirt or from the spec sheet that you received from your buyer (or from the designer). Get the fabric GSM that you want to use for your t-shirts.

You can use this fabric consumption calculator for any other apparel items like plain knitted tops (men’s and women’s), polo t-shirts.

T-shirt Fabric Consumption Calculator
(Enter all measurements in inches including seam allowances)

Body length*

Body width (half chest)*

Sleeve length*

Bicep (half)*

Fabric GSM*

Wastage (in %)*

Result will appear here

Note: All fields are mandatory

Wastage%: Add the fabric wastage .

GSM: This is the weight of the fabric. GSM stands for weight in grams per square meter of the fabric sheet. GSM plays an important variable for fabric consumption in kgs and cost per garment. You can reduce consumption by reducing the fabric GSM.

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The calculator will give you consumption in grams. You convert it into consumption in Kg by diving the result by 1000. In case you need to know the t-shirt consumption in linear length, you can do the conversion using this guide. For this conversion, you need to know the fabric width.

Disclaimer: For bulk production, I would not suggest you use this calculator as there are many variables to get the actual fabric yield per t-shirt. For bulk production, use CAD-based consumption or take help from the pattern master to estimate fabric consumption from the marker.

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