Online calculators and converter for garment production professionals

At the work, every day we need to calculate production-related measures. Like calculating productivity, line efficiency, manpower requirement, machine requirement, labor cost, target calculation, etc.  We can do most of the calculations by using a Calc, or a mobile calculator, or an Excel spreadsheet (template). These tools are perfect for doing calculations to calculate the desired KPIs. 

Sometimes we see it is a little bit confusing when it comes to a calculation with an industry-standard formula and where there are more than two variables. You may know the formula and can calculate it, but it will take time to make sure that you are using the correct formula and considering all the variables (related to the calculation). 

OCS calculator

An online calculator added on the OCS website will be very helpful for doing production-related calculations. Check OCS the calculators on this page.

In case you are a newcomer and involved in production and IE activities, this online calculator will be very helpful in your daily work aid.  You will get the result just by entering all the variables and submitting it.

I would recommend you bookmark this calculator page in your desktop/laptop web browser desktop for laptop by bookmarking you can easily open the online calculators available on the OCS portal.

Enjoy your work and calculate basic measures faster.

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