Guide to technical textiles (with 10 useful resources)

guide to technical textile

This article is written and curated by Agniv Chatterjee.

There are many resources to learn about technical textiles, their applications, business opportunities in the rising sector in India. As we see our readers are interested in learning the technical textile sector, we have prepared this list with many useful resources and listed articles that will enrich your knowledge in this subject area. 


Whenever we come across the word “textile” we often relate it to garments. But does the world of textiles end here?

Certainly not. Textiles have found a huge application in the field of technical textiles. Technical textile can be defined as the use of textile for its technical properties and structural characteristics rather than using it for aesthetic or decorative purposes.

A brief introduction has been shared on the article What is Technical Textile (Indian Textile Magazine).

Different sectors of technical textile

Technical textiles are functional fabrics that find their uses in a lot of different industries. Being manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes this sector has been in the spotlight for a fairly good amount of time for its high and growing potential.

Technical textiles are roughly divided into 12 sub-segments namely:
  1. Agrotech (Agro Textile)
  2. Buildtech (Construction Textile)
  3. Clothtech (Clothing Textiles)
  4. Geotech (Geo Textiles)
  5. Hometech (Home Textiles)
  6. Indutech (Industrial Textile)
  7. Meditech (Medical Textile)
  8. Mobiltech (Automobile Textile)
  9. Oekotech (Environmental Engineering)
  10. Packtech (Package Textile)
  11. Protech (Protective Textile)
  12. Sportech (Sports Textile)

Read more about the different types of technical textiles and their applications on Indian Technical Textile Association.

Technical Textile - an Uprising Sector

Technical textile has gained huge popularity in a short amount of time.
With modern innovations to increase in their uses in different industries to government initiatives in helping it grow the technical sector is like an uprising sector.

This is rightly explained in this blog post on Invest India.

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Government Incentives

Technical textile is one of the fastest-growing sectors and one of India’s major revenue-generating sectors, the ministry of textiles has taken many initiatives to promote it over the years.

The global contribution of technical textile is 27 % whereas India’s is just 11 %. Hence these schemes were implemented by the government during the XI and XII Five Year Plan.

The link below enlightens us about these incentives.
1. Technical Textile Scheme
2. Scheme for Capacity Building in Textiles Sector (PDF document)

Applications on Technical Textile

Technical Textile with its wide range of applications and top-notch performance has increased our comforts standards and had ensured us a better variety of life.

With innovations coming every now and then, their new applications are certainly a blessing for mankind. Their application is vividly described in the following article.

1. Technical textiles and their applications (
2. Application and Uses of Technical Textiles (Garment Merchandising)

Different fibres of technical textile

Technical textile comprises various types of fibres. Each of these fibres is useful in its own way. These fibres are synthetic fibres made from doing some special treatment on natural fibres or are manufactured on their own independently.

Having much better qualities than the regular manmade fibres, these fibres are widely used in various kinds of industries rather than being used just in the apparel industry.

The below article helps us to know better about them.

Important fibres of technical textile industry (


To conclude technical textiles are value-added products that are manufactured by either enhancing some specific properties of high techno-functional polymer or made out of high tech finished conventional fibre or by a combination of both. It plays an important role in infrastructure development, agriculture, medical, hygiene and some specialized apparel for sports and other rigorous activities. Hence it is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the textile industrial sector and is a blessing for mankind.


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