How to convert knitted fabric in Kg to fabric in Yards (with online calculator)

Knitted fabric conversion from kg to fabric in yard

In this post, I will show you how to convert knitted fabric in Kg to fabric in yards. In some parts of the world, fabric length is measured in meters but in some parts, people measure the length in yards. You may need to convert the fabric in Kg to fabric in Yards. This guide will be a handy resource for your daily job.

In another article, I have explained the method of converting knit fabric from Kg to meter. We will use the same method for converting fabric needs in Kg to fabric in the yard. 

You need the following data for conversion

1) Total weight of the Fabric (Kg) - Total weight of the fabric that you have. And the fabric that you wanted to convert from Kg in Yards (length). Take the fabric weight in Kilogram (Kg)

2) Fabric width – You may have the fabric width in meters or centimeters or inches or in width. If you get the width measurement in other units, you need to convert in meters. Reason – fabric GSM is in a square meter.

3) Fabric GSM - GSM is the weight of the fabric per square unit (Normally fabric weight is represented per square meter in grams. (GSM) )


The formula to know the approximate length of the roll from its weight

The weight of a fabric roll is calculated using this formula

Weight (in gram) = Fabric length (in meter) X fabric width (in meter) X Fabric GSM

Therefore, to convert kg to meter use the following formula

Fabric length (in meters) = [(Fabric weight in gram)/ (Fabric GSM *Fabric Width in meter)]

Fabric length (in meters) = (Fabric weight * 1000)/(Fabric GSM *Fabric Width in inch * 0.0254)
(when fabric width is given in inches)

First, convert the total fabric length into meters. After getting the total length in meters, convert into yards by using the below formula.

1 Meter = 1.09361 Yards

Example-1: Here is an example of conversion from Kg to yards when fabric width is given in centimeters.
  • Weight: 12 Kg, 
  • GSM: 360 and 
  • Fabric width: 147 cm (1.47 meter)

Therefore, Fabric length = (12*1000)/(360*1.47) = 22.675737 Meters

Fabric length in Yards = 24.798 Yards (24.8 Yards)

Example-2: Here is an example of conversion from Kg to yards when fabric width is given in inches.
  • Weight: 10 Kg, 
  • GSM: 200 and 
  • Fabric width: 64 inches

Therefore, Fabric length = (10*1000)/(200*64*0.0254) =30.76 Meters (Round off)

Fabric length in Yards = 30.76 x 1.09361 = 33.64 Yards

Use the following online calculator for converting fabric in Kg to Fabric in Yards.

Convert Knits Fabric in Kg to fabric in Yards

Parameter Enter Value Result (Yards)
Fabric Weight (Kg)

Fabric Width (Inches)



Note: The above formula will give you an approximate length of the fabric roll as the density of the fabric throughout the roll length may change. Secondly, if you include more than one roll in the calculation, the width of the fabric may also vary from roll to roll.

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