Which all KPIs Do You Measure in Your Garment Manufacturing Business, in 2021?

Nowadays, most garment manufacturing business professionals understand the importance of data and measuring business KPIs. This is one kind of progress the apparel manufacturing industry is doing.

To manage the factory shop floor and other departments, factory management measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for the departments.

I know you are also measuring it on regular basis. Some KPIs are measured daily, and some KPIs are measured monthly basis. We also review the KPI matrices yearly.

Today, I will not write much, instead, I am posting a poll. I would request you please participate in the poll and mark which all KPIs you will be measuring this year (2021).

If you are new, you can read our earlier posts on garment factory KPIs and you can download the eBook, Garment Maker’s KPI: Why Measure and How to Measure?

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