timeSSD120 – the Latest timeSSD® Instance for Incentive Working Conditions

timeSSD® is the new paradigm in the garment sector's labor costing, being the Genuine Cost-Effective time-cost manufacturing solution for apparel brands and manufacturers.

It is a PMTS hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud as a SaaS (Software As A Service) solution. Offers in an intuitive way the same comprehensive capabilities for all garment sector players, big and small, beginner and veteran, in today’s possible highest flexible way, following the simple principle of “pay as you go”.

Required by the shop floor level reality, the timeSSD® provides its novelty features in two different instances, starting from the middle of April 2021.

The differences between the two instances are coming from the predefined elements standard time stored in ELF (Essential Labor Fund), the timeSSD® elements database. ELF includes all predefined elements necessary for the industry, from cutting to examination, packaging, and storage, the standard times of the elements, descriptions, and attached witness videos.

Additionally, it includes elements for general activities and provides the MTM-2 data table for the case when the user needs the basic motions.

The elements are built up from the MTM-2 basic motions, as predefined motion sequences, considering the distances traveled and the difficulty level of the motions.

The first instance is the already known timeSSD®, available on https://timessd.azurewebsites.net/.
The standard time of the predefined elements are based on the MTM100 system.

The new instance is the timeSSD120, available on https://timessd120.azurewebsites.net/#/login
The standard time of the predefined elements are based on MTM120 system.

The timeSSD120 provides the benchmark for the incentive working conditions.

The software code, the features of the two instances are the same, only the provided standard times are different, following the differences between the two MTM-2 systems – MTM100 and MTM120 – times, expressed in minutes.

The two instances are running on two completely different databases, with no communication between the two, and no partnership possibilities between two accounts from different instances.


Predetermined Motion Time System – is a method analysis technique where the times established for basic human motions (classified according to the nature of motion and the condition under which is made) are used to build up the time for a job at a defined level of performance.

Standard Time

The total time in which a job should be completed at standard performance.

Standard Performance is the rate of output which qualified workers will naturally achieve without over-exertion as an average over the working day or shift, provided that they know and adhere to the specified method and provided that they are motivated to apply themselves to their work.


Method Time Measurement – a generic term for a family of PMTS.

MTM-2 uses only the behavior related classification of the basic human motions, according to what they look like to an observer.

The standard time of the MTM basic motions is expressed in TMU (Time Measurement Unit).

By definition 1 TMU = 0.00001 Hour, or 1 Hour = 100.000 TMU.

MTM systems with the above TMU value are described as MTM100 or MTM system 100%, meaning the performance which the most people can perform when working manually.

MTM100 guarantee that a person is not overloaded. It makes it possible for a person to keep working 8 hours per day without any physical energy losses.

MTM100, or “Low Task” performance level, is considered to be applicable to “day rate” or non-incentive working.

The standard time of the timeSSD® solution element times are defined with MTM100, starting from the development of the former SSD.

It is the “High Task” MTM system with 1 Hour = 120.000 TMU.

Is considered to be applicable when incentive working is introduced into the workplace. For example, the worker enjoys the minimum wage as set by local law and is included in an additional performance-based incentive scheme.

The standard time of the timeSSD120 instance element times are defined with MTM120.

timeSSD®  both instances support and promote collaboration, transparency on the value chain, focus on efficiency and sustainability, contribute with its high-level time-cost benchmarking, in method improvements, and genuine cost-effective principle to the required answers of tomorrow’s challenges.
This article is contributed by Laszlo Szabo from timeSSD. 

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