What is DTM in Garments?

DTM is abbreviated as Dyed to Match. An item (trims) is dyed to match the colour of the fabric used in the garments. DTM (in garments) is a very common term used by apparel buyers and garment suppliers in the garment industry.

Trims such as sewing threads, buttons, tapes are dyed in a colour that matches with the garment’s base colour or body fabric colour.

The DTM term often used as the following -
  • DTM Buttons
  • DTM threads
  • DTM herringbone tapes

In the garment tech pack, buyers often mention trims colour as DTM to body fabric colour. Some trims are not readily available in the matching colour of the fabric. So, locally those trims are dyed by the suppliers.

When a garment factory sends trims for dyeing, they also call it dyeing is needed as DTM. For colour matching factory sends fabric cuttings of the garment or Pantone colour number of the fabric.

Let us say, you got an order to make red polo shirts. In that polo shirt, you need to use DTM plastic buttons. For this normally, plain plastic buttons are purchased, and these buttons are dyed matching with the fabric colour (shade).

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