Textiles in Healthcare | Tantu Published Its Journal with this Theme

Tantu has published their annual journal TANTU 2020 and the Journal is available for download.

The theme of this year's journal is Textiles in Healthcare. This issue has covered topics focusing on the present challenges on individual safety measures and protecting yourself from Covid -19 virus and air-pollutions.

Important things you need to know about face masks and other PPE items, are covered in this Tantu issue.

You might find interesting read inside the journal. Go ahead and download the PDF copy of the Tantu Journal 2020. Here is the list of articles. 11 authors has their views on this theme.

Cover page of TANTU Journal 2020

List of Articles 

  1. Applications of Textiles in Healthcare by Dr. Amal Chowdhury
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Medical professionals and Health Care workers for protection from COVID-19 virus infections by Dr. Arindam Basu
  3. Face Masks - General Awareness That May be Guided by Technological Findings by Mr. Arnab Sen
  4. Medical Textiles- A beginning of new era, opens new vistas by Mr. Chandan Saha
  5. Face Masks and the Beyond by Ms. Indu Bala Grover and Mr. Sumit Mandal
  6. Effects of Air Pollution - Why to Ponder for a Better Future and Possible Solutions by Dr. Montu Basak
  7. Introduction to Technical Textile & Medical Textile by Mr. Nilargha Saha
  8. Face Masks, Respirators and Covid-19 by Dr. Prabir Kumar Banerjee
  9. Antiviral Textiles in combating Pandemic: Hopes & Concerns by Mr. Soumyadeep Saha
Please do share your feedback and comment here on the topics covered by Tantu Journal after reading the same.

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