Monthly Production Report Format for the Manufacturing Industry

The monthly production is reviewed as a KPI MIS. Process wise monthly production data can be viewed in a single report. Normally, manufacturing companies prepares production report on daily basis. Daily reports are more effective in monitoring production on the shop floor.

But for KPI reports, company management needs to see total production per month. By looking at the monthly production factory, management can assess the performance in a better way compared to the daily production report. In daily production reports - it is understood that day to day production quantity may vary due to many variables. Monthly production reports are prepared using the daily production report data.

I have shared a daily production report format and template in another article. For a monthly production report, you can use this Excel report format. You can modify the report template based on your need for data. This can be a flat report file where you can filter data by month and by line. You can see data by line as well as the combined production quantity of all production lines.

From this monthly report, you can present the last six months' data by month. This would give you a trend of production growth/loss by month.

The monthly production report is made with the below fields. I will including only production-related information in this report. 

| Year | Month | Number of Working days | Line number | Target production | Actual monthly total production | Difference |

Sample Monthly Production Report Format

Monthly production report for manufacturing industry

The good thing with Excel reports is that you can prepare a trend chart on the excel sheet and see the data in a graphical presentation. 

Additional information:

In this report, you can add other production-related information like
  • Monthly line efficiency
  • Monthly garment cost per piece
  • Monthly WIP
But I would prefer not to add these three reports under the monthly production report. These monthly reports can be prepared separately and add under the monthly factory performance report. 


I am associated with the garment manufacturing industry for more than 14 years. So, the monthly report, I shared here are made mainly considering garment production reports. When we talk about the production report, it is normally sewing process production data. You can include monthly cutting quantity and finishing quantity in the monthly production report.

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