Apparel Manufacturing - Marching Towards the Smart Factory (Watch the Video Recording)

Updated: 21st July 2020 (Added Video)

It was a great presentation by Mr. Erkut Ekinci. Get a chance to see what it take to moving towards a smart factory. Presentations by other presenters were also good and thought-provoking. 

If you missed attending the live webinar or need to watch the replay watch the following video published on YouTube.  If you like the presentation please share it.

Originally posted: 19th July 2020
As per organizers: While the smart factory concept is gaining momentum across industries, apparel manufacturing still shows reservation and apprehension due to high dependency on manual labour.

This Webinar will discuss the smart factory concept in apparel manufacturing and the role of IoT in making the factory smart.

Dr. Prabir Jana raised questions in his Linked post: Is there a need to make the apparel manufacturing factory Smart? What are the technology enablers for a smart factory?
There are many questions unanswered on this front. Is this concept suitable for mass-manufacturing suitable? Are there any limitations for apparel product types manufacturing in the smart factories? 

Who will gain more with this manufacturing concept? Business solution providers or manufacturers (apparel suppliers)?

Webinar presenters:

  1. Erkut Ekinci, Hugo Boss, Turkey
  2. Dr. Prabir Jana, NIFT, New Delhi
  3. Deepak Pangal, NIFT Delhi, India
  4. Kaushlendra Narayan, Raymonds, India.
Register Here to Listen to the Experts (Linked closed)  

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