What is Kawach Mask?

These days you will find a variety of face masks in the market which are categorized according to the end-use, filtration efficiency level, and mask design. Kawach masks are highly protective and affordable face masks, according to the start-up company ETEX. Etex is an IIT Delhi startup. 

These masks are known as Make in India mask. The Kawach mask is invented by Prof. Bipin Kumar and his team from the Dept. of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi. Kawach mask and the strat-up company is on the news for the last 3 months for an affordable price (INR 45/-). You can see the price comparison of the different masks of similar filtration efficiency in the Figure-2. 

Kawach mask etex iit start-up
Figure-1: Breakdown of Mask Layers (Source: etex.in)

Masks specification as shared by Etex on there website and Amazon Store.

Etex price
Figure-2: Mask specifications and comparison with other masks (Source: etex.in)

  1. Multi-layer protection against Pollutants, Dust, Bacteria, Spore, Smog, Allergen and other particles with 98% Filtration protection against 3 µm (micron) and 90% against 0.3 µm (micron)
  2. Kawach masks are washable, reusable, biodegradable, ultra-soft fibrous lightweight material (less than 15 g)
  3. 3D fit as par with N95, Adjustable & universal fit with maximum face covering for protection, Comfortable inner knit layer for improved compliance. Soft elastic earloop for extra comfort
  4. Mask is tested and approved by SITRA using international standard ASTM F2299, ASTM F2101, IS 16289:2014, ASTM F1862/F1862M-13, 16 CFR Part-1610. 
  5. Fabric layers is verified as per ASTM standards from the experts from the Department of Textile and Fiber Engineering, IIT Delhi.
Figure-3: Kawach protection

The journey of the Kawach product innovation - It was started in 2018 June. The first press release published about the launched of the Kawach was on 18th April 2020.

Figure-4: Journey of Etex start-up

Kawach has been acknowledged by different sectors like Education, sports, Khadi, NGO, Textile Industry, Environment, Medical, Defence and many other organizations, promoting the message of Make Ind India, Save The Environment, Be Indian, Bye Indian, Aatm Nirbharta, and Voice for Vocal.
Kawach mask is now listed in Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar across the country.

Prof Bipin Kumar said, “While not resting on the laurels of merely developing mask technology, we are on our next mission to introduce the historic and popular Indian brand “KAWACH” on the international forum. We wish to see Indian brands getting equally acknowledged by the international community, similar to mask type, N95, FFP1, FFP2, or FFP3.”

Kawach mask is now available across all major online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon.in, TataQLiQ, ETEX.in, and other online platforms.

Figure-5: Production image posted on Amazon store

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