Live Workshop on Establishing SMV of Garment Operations Using TimeSSD System

SMV workshop

Last week we had organized the live webinar on Calculating SMV: The smart way forward. You can view the recording here

On the 26th of June, Friday, we will be organizing a Live workshop on Learn to Calculate SMV using PMTS (TimeSSD).

If you are a work-study engineer in any apparel manufacturing organization. If you always wanted to hone your skill as a freelance PMTS practitioner this is the right place to learn the skills.

Upon receiving a huge response from Industrial Engineers worldwide, here TANTU in Collaboration with timeSSD presents 2nd webinar on work study- Learn to Calculate SMV using PMTS.

This Web-Workshop will help you learn one of the well-known PMTS solutions in the needle trade- SSD (Standard Sewing Data), which has a proven success story for the last 3 and half-decades in Europe and has marked its existence in 4 continents, over 800+ companies worldwide.

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